Vision and mission


We are currently updating our policy. We will inform you as soon as possible on our new focus. The text below does not apply any more. You cannot apply at this moment.


The Levi Lassen Foundation focusses on Gender Equality in Israel.


We believe in an Israel where the Jewish people achieve self-determination in their homeland and where everyone participates in a shared and just society, predicated on the best values of equality, tolerance and social justice in a liberal democracy.


Levi Lassen's work in Israel began over 40 years ago. Levi Lassen is committed to helping Israel develop, grow and prosper. We are adapting our funding to the current needs of Israel's civil society. In the past few years, issues such as women advancement and economic empowerment of women have been our main philanthropic support objective. In the years to come, we will view issues such as gender segregation, economic and employment issues, lack of women representation in the public spheres and personal status issues have become the greatest challenges to advance Israeli civil society.